Chelsea Clarke - Printmaker and Fiber Artist
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Back home on Cape Cod after a while away, I am finally turning some of the ideas that have been taking shape for the past two years into tangible objects. The long history of this place, both human and geological, is so visible in the land here. I am repeatedly drawn to its rocks, especially the old stone walls. Deposited by the glaciers of the last ice age, these chunks of ancient granite were assembled into walls by the first sheep farmers. As the fences were no longer needed they became surrounded by forests, toppled by time, covered with lichen, and returned to nature.

Studying this evolution and the forms and ecology of the walls has sparked a different sort of symbiotic relationship in my studio. I am building stone walls for a more domestic habitat. I sew pillows in the likeness of rocks from deconstructed wool suits, then stitch and embroider them with additional wool and colored threads, mimicking the growth of lichens. In creating these plush, arrangeable rocks, as well as lichen studies for the wall, I invite others to bring this unique part of the ecosystem indoors to become as much of a cozy and beautiful part of their lives as the real walls are to me.