Chelsea Clarke - Printmaker and Fiber Artist
Ice Floes at the Arctic CircleIce Floes #2Walrus Studies #1Walrus Study #2Floating Walrus PortraitPolar BearSnow BuntingsSnow Bunting #1Snow Bunting #2Snow Bunting #3Snow Bunting #4Snow Bunting #5CoscinodiscusCoscinodiscus (detail)ThalassiosiraChaetocerosNitzchiaAsterionellopsisMelosiraMelosira (detail)FragilariopsisChaetognath with EggsCopepodsPteropodsBarnacle Nauplii LarvaePolychaete Worm LarvaeCopepod PatternsPolychaete Patterns
Arctic Drawings
In spring 2014 I spent six weeks at sea accompanying a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as a resident artist and member of the outreach team for a scientific research cruise. The purpose of the cruise was to investigate under-ice plankton blooms in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, and I was along to help communicate ideas from the research to the public through art and writing. While onboard the Healy I participated in the scientific data collection, wrote a blog, contributed to the official outreach website, and built up an image bank of drawings to work from to create more finished artwork back on land. I also co-taught a series of science and art workshops at a local high school before the cruise and took part in an NPR story about the expedition. These are the drawings I made onboard the ship.