Chelsea Clarke - Printmaker and Fiber Artist
Artist Statement

My work focuses on human relationships to the natural world, ecology, and the history of place. It is inspired by the landscapes I live and play in, the plants and animals I share them with, and the science and history behind it all. The more I learn about the natural world, from the glacial and colonial history of the New England landscapes to the way individual limpets return to the same spot on the rock at each low tide, the more fascinating the world becomes and the more I see when I look at the landscape.

In my studio I mimic the processes of nature to create lichen covered pillows, magnetic barnacles to colonize household surfaces, mittens with patterns that mimic the tidelines on coastal rocks, and prints and drawings of richly colored and layered landscapes or tiny intertidal invertebrates. By creating these household versions of wild things I invite others to bring the landscape indoors and fall in love with it, making the objects a treasured part of their homes, and nature and wildness an important part of their everyday lives.

I want my work to illuminate the beauty, diversity, and complexity of nature, draw attention to the tiny, ancient, or hidden wonders of the natural world, and inspire others to look more closely at the world around them. Whether by stitching lichen, carving barnacles, or building up layered prints of tiny plant colonies I aim to make work that brings the landscape and its inhabitants into people’s homes, minds, and hearts, making them as beautiful and loveable to others as they are to me.